Editorial feedback - 8/08/11

All demagoguery aside, extremist veiws have never accomplished anything positive.  The middle path is less glorious and does little to distinguish "our" point of veiw from "their" point of veiw.  I do not believe that there is any progress to be made in the budget debate by attempting to assign blame for a problem that is a century old.  Elderly, Poor people and children can not be blamed for being in need of help.  In order to receive UI benefits you have to have been released from employment due to no fault of your own.  Furthermore, with more than 200 applicants for every job and employers taking advantage of the market by driving down wages, an unemployed person cannot be blamed for being unwilling to accept a wage that doesn't meet he and his family's needs.  Yet assigning blame to the poor, elderly, disabled and unemployed for the budget crisis, seems to be the Republican Mantra.  The wealthiest Americans do pay the most taxes and rightly so.  The wealthy make money because the working poor work for a low wage.  Therefore, they owe a use-fee for the profit they make off of the working poor and their children by proxy.  The wealthy also enjoy more political influence than the common working person, which flies in the face of democratic equality.  To conclude my remarks, I would appreciate it greatly, if there was a balanced editorial response to Mr. Cathcart's editorial.

Thank You,

Robert Jeffrey Eardley