New Ultrasound Technology Available in Savannah

Danielle Fife's baby as seen on the new machine.
Danielle Fife's baby as seen on the new machine.

Every parent always remembers seeing his or her child's face for the very first time. But thanks to new technology, parents can now do that a whole lot sooner, even before children are born. Although most offices don't use the new ultrasound machine yet, soon every expectant mother will be asking for these real-life images.

It's called the GE Voluson. "You can actually see the baby move with 3-D images," explained diagnostic synographer Robin Moore-Godbold. "You see the arms and legs moving, and hands opening. You see the skin texture and things you don't see on a normal ultrasound."

On a normal ultrasound, which is the more traditional machine used by most doctors' offices, the images parents are used to seeing are not very clear. But the $130,000 GE Voluson shows them live motion portraits from inside the womb.

"What it can do is actually freeze an image, and it can actually be turned around and be seen from all different angles," said Dr. Lisa Semple.

But seeing your baby from all different angles comes at a price. Insurance companies don't pay for this cutting-edge technology, so getting live pictures of your baby can cost up to $250. Mother-to-be Danielle Fife says it's worth every penny. "With this I know everything is fine," she said. "I know there isn't anything wrong with her."

More than 50 expectant mothers like Fife have come to Baby Prevue on Hodgson Memorial Drive for the first look at their babies and the reassurance that they are healthy. "3-D is a great way to evaluate cleft pallet, cleft lip, so people that have that kind of family history have this kind of technology available to them," said Dr. Semple.

Fife says the real joy of this medical technology is getting her first look at someone she knows she'll love for the rest of her life. "It's real exciting to see your baby on the screen, it's something your carrying."

The Baby Prevue office is the only one in Savannah that provide this ultrasound for 3-D baby pictures. You can call them at  964.1010.

Reported by: Hena Daniels,