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Community Spirit--Jenny Brown

Jenny Brown Jenny Brown

It takes a very special person to be a social worker. It's been a part of Jenny Brown's life for years now, and she's good at it. Brown loads her car with ease. She's used to it, and to putting a lot of miles on road as she visits her clients in rural parts of Bryan, Bulloch, and Effingham Counties. As a case management specialist with the SOURCE program, she's changing lives everyday.

"SOURCE brings together doctors and provides services, and we make sure the client is getting what they need," she said.

"Jenny is an inspiration," said coworker Julie Ann Sgroi. "Watching her working with people, interact with all sorts of people, and seeing the compassion she has for them. She really meets them where they are and is able to be their friend as well as a very effective case manager."

Jenny always goes the extra mile. That kind of dedication earned her the prestigious James R. Lientz Humanitarian Award, the highest honor any St. Joseph's/Candler employee can attain. "I never expected any kind of reward," she said. "I said it was almost unfair that one person should get singled out, because here it's such a team effort. If anything, it makes me more aware just how important SOURCE is. It's such a gift and every day is incredible, to give people what they really need. "

That's how Jenny Brown captures the WTOC Community Spirit.

The Lientz Award is named for James Lientz, who played a major role in Candler's expansion and the decision to build the hospital in its present location.

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