Soldier Sends Home Thousands of Dollars in Flowers

You've heard about people sending gifts to our troops overseas for the holidays and for moral support. But a gift from the heart, sent from a half a world away, is a celebration of friendship in a big way, through flowers. When it takes about a dozen trips to and from the delivery van, you know there's a lot of flowers, especially when they're all going to the same person.

Sgt. Joey Szafranski may be stationed in Afghanistan, but he's not letting that get in the way of what he sees as an important anniversary. "Because today's the first day he met me a year ago," explained Heather Erickson, whom Szafran sent 18 flower arrangements. "Now I've got a jungle in here," she said. "I'm just in shock. I couldn't see spending this much money on all these flowers."

"As far as sending it to an individual, this is the biggest order we've ever done to an individual," said Martha Wade with Pink House Florist.

The delivery request came in late yesterday afternoon, with just a few more arrangements than the florist is used to. "At first we kind of thought it was a joke on us," said Wade.

Erickson says she doesn't quite know what she'll do with all the flowers when they start to wilt, or with all those vases, but one thing's for sure: she's got the best-smelling apartment in Savannah.

The florist wouldn't say exactly how much the delivery cost, but she did say that many arrangements at once would total up to the thousands.

Sgt. Szafranski, an air traffic controller with the Army, is due back from Afghanistan in February.

Reported by: Chris Cowperthwaite,