Tropical UPDATE 8:00pm Aug 19, 2011

We have Tropical Storm HARVEY in the Western Caribbean.  He is riding right along the Honduras coast and will make landfall as a TS Saturday afternoon about 3p EDT into Belize.  Then he stays over Central Amercia and Mexico.  No worries for Georgia.

Two waves in the Tropical Atlantic are being investigated.

The one just off Africa looks like a "fish storm".  No worries for Georgia.

But the wave in the middle of the Ocean might be a problem down the road.  It will be "slow" to develop, but NHC gives it a 40% chance in the next 24-48 hours.  Models are giving it a better chance, even to become the first hurricane of the season.  It would be IRENE.  And she could be over Eastern Cuba by Wednesday afternoon.  We will be watching this one!

-- Wetherbee