Irene Update from Prokop, Monday morning

Monday, August 22, 2011 … 10:00 am

Looks like IRENE will move just north of Puerto Rico and Hispaniola which will allow the storm to strengthen more than if it had passed over the rugged terrain.  The storm will move through the Bahamas this week and approach our coast late Friday night through Saturday.  The current National Hurricane Center's forecast has it impacting our area Saturday with possible winds of 110 mph.  Still, it is too early to say exactly the path IRENE will take.  The global computer models continue to hint that IRENE will pass just east of our coasts.

Again, the only certainty of these models beyond 3 days is their uncertainty.  All interests along the GA and SC coast should be making plans now in the event warnings are issued for our area Friday and Saturday.  With the storm following this type path, interests in the inland counties should remain on alert.