InSITE--Clicking Around Effingham County

It's a growing trend, big cities and high-tech businesses aren't the only "places" on the Internet. Since relatively small communities, like Effingham County, are booming, stands to reason there are more web sites as well.

Start right with Effingham County. A neat, clean site with a very professional look to it, but nothing fancy. It does have a lot of information, from a quarterly county newsletter to pictures of the new judicial complex they're building, and a long list of contacts when you need to get something done in Effingham.

Another site that's a little tricky, it's the dot- com version instead of the official dot- org, but it's still a decent site. The top draw, what brings a lot of people to Effingham, the reason it's growing so quickly. They'll give you the outline on quality of life. If that's the sales pitch you needed, your next step is just a click away. The basic information for newcomers, from power to phones to things to do. There's an outline of the education, which is drawing pretty good reviews from folks looking to get away from city schools, and another about a serious consideration in any community… health care.