Editorial - 8/22/11

The Feds' primary Constitutional responsibility is to (quote): "provide for the common defense."  Mindful of that ultimate-key to our survival as a free nation, the threat to cut $800-billion-plus, over 10-years, out of our military budget, is insanity bordering on treason.  All social programs are meaningless, if the sovereignty and liberty of our citizens are destroyed by the negligence of myopic leaders who decide to defend our nation and our world-interests on-the-cheap. We've tried that after every war, including the cold one, repeatedly leaving our military unprepared for the inevitable return to battle.  When World War II was about to ignite in Europe, we had soldiers here drilling and training with fake wooden rifles. Long gone are the days when we could rely on vast oceans to shield us!

Yes, but what about our post-Iraq/Afghanistan "peace dividend"? Reality is, there will be no dividend, because there will be no peace.  For you yellow-brick-roaders, with new emerging powers, regional animosities, rogues with nukes, and radical terrorism, our nation and world won't become safer anytime soon!

Regarding cuts, the President says "everything's on the table."  OK, let's dump the unneeded Departments of Education and Energy, the growth-smothering EPA, that gaggle of academic czars, and reduce benefits for the political-elites, and others, riding D.C.'s cushy bloat-bus. The cost of defending America today, handled by just 1% of our citizens, is less than 5% of our GDP.  Any cuts must be minimal and judicious, given the current and future threat-levels we'll face. As George Washington sagely advised: "To be prepared for war is one of the most effective means of preserving the peace."  We must use care not to reduce the convincing defensive-power, and comprehensive rapid-response of our best-in-the-world military force.