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TV show COPS to air Savannah episode in September


Bad boys, bad boys. Whatcha gonna do? Whatcha gonna do when they come for you?

You know the theme song.

The TV show, COPS, was looking for some bad boys in Savannah. After eight weeks traveling with Savannah-Chatham Metro Police, crime in the Hostess City will be featured on the long running program starting next month. 

You know the drill. Patrol cars pull up and cameras are not far behind them.

For 24 years, COPS has been a Saturday night staple. Now, they'll be showing the whole country what Savannah's finest have to deal with. 

"The last thing you want to do is mess up on national TV," Officer Phillip Collard told WTOC.

Collard spent three weeks with COPS producers and videographers.

"It was really exciting and really stressful all at the same time having a camera in your face eight hours a day," Collard said. "I think they did pretty good here in Savannah."

Savannah-Chatham Metro Police shared exclusive footage from COPS, which may, or may not, be seen when the Savannah episodes air.

"They rode with me for about three weeks and had everything from foot chases to shootings and we had a drug arrest where the drugs fell out of the woman's shirt," Collard said. 

"People do crazy stuff in every city in America, so why not Savannah? It's great," Matt Stannard, Producer/videographer for COPS, said.

Stannard, along with other COPS crew members, got an eye full, from traffic stops to actual crimes, all the way to just enjoying Savannah.

"The guys have been great to work with. We had a wonderful time here and we got some cool stories too," Stannard said.

"Just talking to them, they like Savannah more off duty because they like the beach and stuff," Collard said.

Hitting the streets was no day at the beach. Officer Collard says the crew took precautions.

"They wear bullet proof vests and they are right there in harm's way with us," he said. "They use tactics just like police use tactics."

Collard says he's kind of happy the COPS gang is gone. He will be watching in September, but also realizes, so will everyone else. 

"My family and friends and my other officers, I'm pretty sure they will be critiquing me," he said. "It's a little stressful but it will be fun."

Check your local listings. The Savannah episodes of COPS begins airing September 10th, according to SCMPD officials. 

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