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Pit bull saved from being bait

SOURCE: Holly Zusask SOURCE: Holly Zusask
SOURCE: Holly Zusask SOURCE: Holly Zusask
SOURCE: Holly Zusask SOURCE: Holly Zusask
SOURCE: Holly Zusask SOURCE: Holly Zusask

Malachi is a white pitbull and when up close and personal you can see he's extremely friendly. That's why it's hard to believe someone would let the pup wander away.

Christine Wrobel found the dog. "I was running in downtown Bluffton and I was going past one of the local gas stations and I saw him out front and he looked severely malnourished," she said.

Wrobel took Malachi to some friends who own Bluffton's Three Black Dogs, a place that rescues pitbulls. Malachi has several puncture wounds all over his body and is missing all of his teeth, making it hard to determine his age. These are signs he was used as bait for dog fights.

Holly Zusack, owner of Three Black Dogs, said, "He's used to taunt and tempt the other dogs to get their excitement going so they fight well.

Shelly Wine, also owner of Three Black Dogs, said, "Their teeth are removed so they can't cause damage to the prize fighting dogs."

In addition, Malachi is also suffering from severe heart worms and is why he's currently living at Zusack's home and not with her other rescues. Once his medical issue is under control, he will then be taught new behavior.

"As of right now, all that he's familiar with is fighting so that is his means of releasing everything that's inside of him. Frustration, anxiety, and nervousness are all channeled into one avenue and that's fighting," said Kevin McHale, the dog behavioral expert who will be working with Malachi.

After about three months of training, Malachi is expected to go from a feisty fighter to a playful pet.

Zusack, Wine and other local animal advocates are hosting a fundraiser for Malachi Saturday, September 24th at 8 p.m. at Montana's Grizzly Bar in Bluffton (16 Kitties Landing Road). Event fee is $10 and the event will include a silent auction.  All proceeds will go to the medical and behavioral rehabilitation of Malachi, estimated to be upwards of $5,000.  Event organizers are currently accepting silent auction items.  Please call Three Black Dogs, 843.706.3456, if interested. 

Event organizers will pick up auction items, if needed. If your donation is worth $100 or more, your company will be included in all advertising. The deadline for advertising is Sept. 14. For more information, volunteer opportunities and/or auction donations, please call 843.706.3456.

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