Editorial feedback - 8/11/11

I just read your 8-11-11 editorial and was amused.
Not that you are wrong, no, but how far they have taken this country down the drain.
I wrote in my 6-13-11 reply where all the trouble comes from and why "they" were dumbed down for so long.
Furthermore in my 10-05-09 reply I told you we would go from one crisis to another and another.
This insanity isn't going to end, not even if a temporary Republican administration slips in four years in-between.
Look at the 7-18-11 reply then we know who is running this country.
The one world government can't work simply because of the fallen human nature. Instead to worship God they worship what was created.
More stuff, more money, more junk which eventually will wind up in yard sales for a quarter.
You mention George Washington who knew honor, noble, kind, and lived it. Show me one today Mr. Cathcart, only one who isn't self-centered and egoistic and power hungry? God forbid ! Peace might break out....we can't have that. You think I'm wrong ? Just sit back and watch.. it's a comin'
To me this is the most interesting and fantastic times to be alive. Oh, by the way, the Chinese and Russians are building up their armed forces like crazy. Do they know something we don't ?

Juergen Sievers
Midway, Ga.