Editorial - 8/29/11

While the nation reels under the stress of economic uncertainty, the President has quietly signed yet-another Executive Order, this one creating a new, federal workforce, equal-opportunity, diversity and inclusion program,  a redundant-task to be over-seen by the Office of Personnel Management and the EEOC, agencies long-in-place, and already charged with, and personnel-ed for, those functions.  Obvious duplication, triggering still more spending and more hiring for the already-bloated employment-rolls in Chubby City.  Said the President:  "As the Nation's largest employer, the  Government has a special obligation to lead by example." America's tax-payers wish D.C. was not the "nation's largest employer," a spiraling-problem itself, and, yes, the Feds do need to lead, but responsibly, rather than unsustainably.   

The Order goes on to say that D.C. should "endeavor to achieve a workforce from all segments of society."  So, which "segments" are missing?   Along with EEO, prior Orders have already covered Hispanic citizens, veterans, and those with disabilities.  Safe to assume that citizens from alternate lifestyles and religions, or none, are, by now, well-represented within the elitist power-pool. So, who are the Feds short on?  Jugglers, sword-swallowers, cowboys?  Look, only positives accrue by focusing on diversity in federal hiring, as long as it's done for the right reasons, to include valid- need, and hiring-qualifications.  But with such programs already long-in-place, why now, when THE issues are national security, and ending the fiscal destruction of our republic?  Beyond the fancy words, is this all just political, a cover for still-more spending and hiring?  Whatever the true intent and impact, the inclusion-emphasis is certainly good news for Tea Party folks who, as an excluded segment, can now look forward to being heavily-recruited for government service.