Firefighters train with new equipment

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - Firefighters from Savannah and Garden City are getting their feet wet using new equipment that will help them fight fires more successfully.

It's called industrial firefighting and firefighters practiced with the new equipment at the Coastal Empire Fairgrounds Wednesday morning.

Savannah Fire Battalion Chief Curtis Wallace says they need to be able to use the Savannah River for any sort of emergency.

"We're practicing deploying equipment to a water source and then putting that equipment in operation to fight fire," said Wallace.

The new equipment, submersible pumps and high output cannons are something firefighters say would have been perfect handling the Imperial Sugar disaster in 2007.

The pumps and cannons can draw more than double the amount of water to put out a blaze.

"Until we got this equipment our capability was 2,500 gallons a minute, with this equipment we can pump up to 6,000 gallons per minute," said Wallace.

"We went in partnership with Savannah Fire to get this equipment so that in the case of a tank board fire or a ship board fire we now will have adequate equipment to put that fire out," said Garden City Fire Chief James Crosby.

According to Wallace, that makes Savannah and Garden City fire departments the only ones in the southeast with these capabilities.

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