Editorial Salute - 9/1/11

Thankfully, Hurricane Irene missed us, and did weaken, but not before taking lives, and creating wide-spread damage up north, including impacting our nation's capital.  One of the few individuals still out in D.C., as the hurricane's wind and rain pelted the area, was the lone soldier, in a deserted Arlington National Cemetery, steadfastly walking guard at the Tomb of the Unknowns.

Back in February of 2010, a major, almost unprecedented, blizzard dumped almost three-feet of snow on Washington.  Flights were halted, above- ground subways and buses stopped running, and thousands were without power.  In what we would surely see as a positive these days, Washington totally shut-down, as Mother Nature taught the powerful yet another lesson about real power.  All of D.C. went silent, except for the sound to the sentry's boots walking cadence in front of that scared Tomb, continuing to provide around-the-clock security, regardless of the elements, reflecting the nation's commitment and reverence for those unknowns, who've perished defending our freedom.

These devoted Army sentries are members of the Third Infantry Regiment, known as The Old Guard, who for the past 63-years, have watched over that historic and symbolic resting place, with precision and reverence, 24/7, regardless. Similar to that old postal saying about 'neither rain, nor snow, nor sleet, nor hail," the Old Guard soldiers, too, will not be stopped from their appointed round, no matter what mighty-wallop Mother Nature may throw their way.  Duty, Honor, for Country, the Old Guard sentinels pay constant tribute to our unidentified fallen, so that the spirit of their ultimate sacrifice for America, may never be forgotten.