Editorial - 9/5/11

Normally, Labor Day would be one of celebration, if for no other reason than, for most, it's a day off with pay.  While a job is a blessing, not a birthright, fact is, for too many Americans, this Labor Day will become just another day-off without pay.  With 45% of our unemployed out for 6-months or more, the Feds have greatly-extended jobless benefits, clearly a safety-net, but one that can become a search-disincentive.  Beyond our 14-million unemployed, 2.8-million have simply stopped looking.  Touting 9.1% as the unemployment number is as deceptive as slapping polish on a rotten apple. Truth is, it's 80% worse, when you add citizens working only part-time, but needing full, and those who've given up, it makes actual employment-dislocation now a full 16% of America's workforce.

To jump-start jobs, a time-tested formula: cut our highest-in-the-world corporate tax-rate: don't raise taxes on small-business owners; call-off the regulatory attack-dogs; freeze or reduce individual taxes; significantly reduce federal spending; and firmly slam-shut our Southern border.  Then,  have the Feds butt-out, letting unshackled private-sector-growth pull us out of the fiscal-swamp.  The fact that this Administration has done none of that, and doesn't intend to, is a red-light of danger flashing across the land.

For those seeking work, we hope businesses will, once again, be allowed to flourish, without intentional roadblocks from the Imperial Feds.  For those employed, be thankful for the blessing of a job. And be thankful, as well, for those in our workforce, who labor on our behalf, with intensity and courage, far from home, often in harm's way, the brave men and women of our military.  No question, America works because of you.  But never forget that Americans work in freedom because of them.