Thanksgiving With The Mayor

Nearly 1,000 folks started Thanksgiving early. It's all a part of Savannah's 7th annual Mayor's Day of Thanksgiving.

What does it take to prepare a Thanksgiving feast for a thousand people? "We did 26 thirty pound turkeys."

Those 36 turkeys went along with dressing, sweet potatoes, green beans and the rest of the fixings. There were a total of 131 pans of food in all. The Mayor's day of Thanksgiving was started seven years ago by Mayor Floyd Adams, Jr.

"There's a lot involved with it," said Mayor Adams Jr.

This is his way to literally bring the city together, but the mayor is very bashful about it. Mayor Adams says he doesn't do it for the publicity. He even asked his wife Deborah to talk with us about it.

"We're so divided, it's just a time to bring everyone together in unity. He's for so long been trying to unify this city where it doesn't matter the color of your skin but just coming together," said Mrs. Adams.

There was even a choir made up of members from several different local churches.

"It's just a marvelous event."

With this being his last term in office many folks have asked if the feast will continue.

"I the funds can be raised I think he may try to do it again."

"Just the answer this crowd was looking for after another successful day to give thanks and to enjoy delicious food and praise the lord."

Mayor Adams told WTOC he felt confident about being able to continue this tradition.

Reported by: Holly Bristow,