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Johnson Wins Runoff Election

Otis Johnson watched the results of the runoff election among friends, family and supporters. All night the numbers were in favor of Alderman Pete Liakakis, but in the last ten minutes, the polls took a turn towards Otis Johnson. Johnson didn't want to celebrate too much at first, "I just said, thank God, we have a chance."

After all the votes were tallied Otis had more than a chance, he had a victory beating Pete Liakakis by 502 votes, "I don't think it's sinking in yet...but more people are saying it and I really like the sound of it" People have been congratulating Savannah's next mayor all day, "The phone started ringing at 6:30 this morning and hasn't stopped since." But one very special congratulations call came from Pete Liakakis last night, "I am very thankful for that, he's a gentleman and I expected that and I told him I appreciated the way he ran his campaign."

So what's on Johnson's agenda now that the election is over, he tells WTOC he is taking a long holiday, "Tomorrow I am going on a cruise, I'm gonna kick back and relax and have a great thanksgiving, clear my head and be ready to go to work on Monday"

Johnson will be officially sworn in on January 2nd, he says the first issue he will tackle is forming a Public Safety Commission.

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