Editorial feedback - 8/29/11

You mentioned in your 8-29-11 editorial that we are getting (by quiet Exec.Order) more fed employees.

I just looked it up, as of 9-5-11 we are having 4.311.805 federal employees. So why more ?

Again I would like to tell you.....BECAUSE IT HURTS THIS COUNTRY. Remember, the enemy is within. It doesn't matter what THE issues are. It doen't matter what the American tax payer wants. That's why all these things are done quietly, behind the scenes. Did you hear anything on TV (besides Fox, may be) about the Exec Order ?

Of course not. Everything is done quietly and in secret (like Hitler, Stalin, Mao did), but that's how evil works.

By all means, if "those" people want more change let them vote for that.

Today is the 8th of September and we will get another speech out of the White House. Don't they understand that speech after speech after speech means nothing. ACTION is better than useless chatter.

Why don't you post a list of the last ten Executive Orders ?

Juergen Sievers
Midway, Ga.