Editorial - 9/12/11

Sunday, September 11th, was Patriot Day, so designated by Congress and the President, back in December of 2001.  But September 11th is more commonly known as the day America was brutally attacked, so designated by a despicable gang of Islamic radicals, who seek to cause death, while civilized people strive to preserve life.  No nature-imposed tragedy, what occurred on 9/11, with the slaughter of thousands, was a premeditated declaration of war, specifically on America, but on all of Western Civilization as well.  An unprovoked war to which we finally responded, with righteous force, surprising the zealots, who wrongly assumed we'd duck reality, again, as we'd foolishly done, by labeling such attacks as simply law enforcement matters.  As recounted in the Senate's recent resolution, on that nation-changing day, the New York Fire Department suffered 343-fatalities, the largest loss of life of any emergency response agency in U.S. history.  The New York Port- Authority Police lost 37 officers, the largest one-day loss of life, ever, by any U.S. police force, all amidst the carnage that, within agonizing moments, took nearly 3,000 loved ones from their families, changing those lives forever.  By the way, not all of those slaughtered in 9/11's attack were Americans.  Sixty-seven, in fact, were British.  Last week, a sculpture, created from actual Trade Center wreckage, was unveiled in London, a tribute both to their fallen, and our historic relationship.

The attack of the barbarians has forever changed our nation, in somewhat the same way, that first unimaginable day of infamy did, seven-decades ago.  We must never forget September 11th … the attack, the damage, the carnage in lives lost, nor, especially, the evil-sect responsible.  And we  must never for a moment, lose sight-if or take for granted,  all those courageous men and women, in uniform or without, who, with God's grace, do their utmost to protect our cities, and defend our shores, so that no subsequent attempt can, ever again, inflict such destruction and loss, on this great nation, our America.