Local Woman Turns 111

Beaulah Price
Beaulah Price

Beaulah Price has taken life one day at a time. She's done it that way 40,516 days in a row. Sunday, she celebrated her 111th birthday. A granddaughter of slaves and born at the end of Reconstruction, she survived a life of hard work. "I did field work," she said. "I picked cotton. My husband picked corn."

The mother of two children, she's raised three of the five generations of her family that numbers nearly 100. Miss Beaulah lives in Hopeulikit, Georgia, with two of the grandchildren she raised as her own. They say she gives them a wealth of perspective. For example, when she was 16 and old enough for a driver's license, the car hadn't been invented.

Researchers consider her one of the most alert centenarians in the state. "Long term and short term memory are good, especially certain times, to tell you of the things history tells that she lived through and participated in," said her granddaughter-in-law, Willie Mae Williams.

Beaulah is especially aware of food. "I can remember how much I can eat," she said. "I haven't forgotten that." That was her subtle way of wondering why lunch was late. "So if you're wondering what a 111-year-old lady eats...soul food."

But she says her biggest strength comes from above. "I thank the Lord for everything," she said. "Baby, I don't know of nothing I don't thank the Lord for."

Loved ones say her youthful attitude keeps everyone around her feeling young.

Reported by: Dal Cannady, dcannady@wtoc.com