Sales Up at Malls, Belk to Expand

With the biggest shopping day of the year out of the way, major retailers are still reaping its rewards. This is especially true for the Savannah Mall, thanks to stores like the Bass Pro Shops Outdoor World. Sales are up compared to last year, but the mall down the road was also up and predicts an even bigger year next holiday season.

Oglethorpe Mall says it's doing just as well with out all the help. "Sales were very strong," said the mall's Colleen Humphries. "We opened up Friday at 6am at the department stores, the mall opened up at 7am and it was busy all day."

The people at Oglethorpe Mall are not surprised, considering their location and reliable shoppers, and they're expecting only to grow with Belk slated for expansion. "We're very excited," said Humphries. "The fact that they're going to bring in some new lines to the mall and to their store which will only increase traffic here."

The construction for Belk department store should start sometime in January or as late as February.

Reported by: Nicole Teigen,