Big Deals at Local Bike Auction

Is there a bicycle on some little one's Christmas list? How much do you expect to pay? What about $5? We found a place where folks from all over the Coastal Empire were wheeling and dealing. Competition was fierce as bicycle after bicycle was rolled out for the bidding today at a police auction in Savannah.

Local resident Jeannette Dunham told us she was there for "early Christmas gifts at a reasonable price." Dunham's sons, Ferrante and Ransom, put up the winning bids for their new bicycles. "They bid on the bikes themselves. I didn't have anything to do with it," she said.

Of course you had families buying one, maybe two bicycles, but other people were snatching them em up left and right. Wallace Coleman of Guyton is a big fan of auctions. :"I come to just about every auction y'all have and buy a few," he said. Eighteen, to be exact.

Most of the time, he wins big. "You usually get nice bikes," he said. "You don't have to do hardly anything to them. Once in a while, you get a couple that ain't that good, but you ain't bidding that much, so it don't matter."

Even a competitive bidder like Coleman can't win every time. "If [the children] bid first, they'll usually let them have them for a dollar or two."

Chief Deputy Marshall Julius Green says that's the idea. "If there's kids in the audience and they done scrap up two or three dollars, we try to please them as much as possible."

The next bicycle auction will be held Tuesday, March 2.

Reported by: David Rousseau,