Shrimpzilla caught in Midway

MIDWAY, GA (WTOC) - Gary Patrick has seen a lot of sea creatures in the past 10 years, but nothing compares to what he saw on Sept. 15.

What was supposed to be a normal shrimp catch, turned out to be something quite different.

"When I threw my cast in I was catching those but all of the sudden I caught this animal here," Patrick said.

He is now the most popular guy on the block.

"We've had neighbors come by, probably 30 or 40," Patrick told WTOC.

This monster even has a name. Patrick calls him Shrimpzilla.

"I call him Shrimpzilla. I've never seen anything like it and no one else here has either."

This giant shrimp is an Asian Tiger Shrimp. It gets its name from the tiger stripe bands on its shell.

Patrick spoke with a representative from the Department of Natural Resources, who said the shrimp are very rare in these waters.

"She thinks these shrimp were probably brought here when the hurricane washed out some aqua culture farms in the Caribbean," said Patrick.

Shrimpzilla died early Friday afternoon but Patrick still plans on keeping it around.

"I'm going to keep this in the freezer and show my friends and family when they come over. I'll say look what I caugh and they're gonna be amazed because we don't have those around here."

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