Editorial - 9/19/11

In early 2009, liberals rushed passage of an 800-billion-dollar "stimulus," the first of the "we've-got-to-pass-it-to-see-what's-in it" deficit-and-debt-escalating bills, crafted by academic-elites, thinkers, not doers, trying, again, to jump-start the economy without ever dealing with a pay-roll or the endless other challenges, faced daily by actual business leaders, efforting productivity in the real-world.  Said the smoke-and-mirrors brigade, instead of actually solving the crisis, let's throw several-hundred-billion at political supporters, and, if by chance, it also solves unemployment, declare victory.  Result:  The money disappeared, an untold number of the "chosen" cashed-in at tax-payer expense, and fed employment rose, while the private sector, the enemy of the state, lost even more jobs.  An intentional mirage, repaying political debts, while escalating those of the nation.

Now, in the "pass this bill" speech, we're repeating the failed "spend our way to prosperity" lunacy, but this time, flushing just half the previous hundreds-of-billions into the nation's commode. While the Senate remains owned by the left, fiscal-reality rules the House, meaning that the, now revealed, huge tax-increases to pay for this charade, will be resisted.

We've got to stop driving America's recovery with a learner's permit.  The only thing shovel-ready is the economic organic-matter still being spread by the left. Long-term business incentives put people back to work. Suffocating regulations and short-term gimmicks do not.  Stability leads to confidence, leads to consumer-demand, leads to growth, leads to jobs.  D.C. must stop punishing productivity, stop its taxation class-warfare schemes, and get the heck out of the way. True recovery rests with the power of the private sector. Unshackled, our free enterprise system will, yet again, get us back on track.