InSITE-We're Talkin' Trees!

Is your house already decked out for Christmas? Or are you waiting for sudden Santa inspiration? You can find it on the 'Web. It's just amazing the things we can learn on the Internet these days. You can shop for your gifts, ship things to friends, and even learn how to turn your home into a winter wonderland.

You have to start with a tree. And know what to look for. I found an interior decorating site that says you should look at your house first. Figure out just how much tree you need, don't just get what you got last year. This is some very practical information.

If there's any debate over what kind of tree you want, have the family gather 'round the monitor and check out the top ten types of trees, their strong points and weaknesses, with even more information about each type, like one of my favorites, the Scotch Pine.

Now that you have your tree, click over to Christmas Magazine for a little history lesson on just why we chop 'em down and light 'em up to celebrate. Since you know why, how about some "what?" They offer ideas on the safest ways to set up your tree. Some common sense, some just to get you in the Christmas spirit.

Then move on to decorating. As many ideas as there are family traditions, do what works for you. Even if it's the same thing that worked for your parents and grandparents. Do one thing they may not have though, read some safety tips on trees, since no matter how much everybody knows about them, every year, somebody's holiday decorations, and sometimes whole house goes up in smoke. That's not a colorful, exciting holiday tradition you want to start.