Statement of Dianna Wedincamp, Ogeechee Riverkeeper

Statement of Dianna Wedincamp, Ogeechee Riverkeeper:

In response to Georgia Environmental Protection Division's consent order with King America Finishing


The pollution from King America Finishing is a serious threat to the health and safety of local families and river wildlife. We are grateful to EPD for acting on this situation.

We like the $1,000,000 figure, it's a warning bell that every other polluter along the Ogeechee River should hear loud and clear.

The consent order is very detailed, and we plan to review it carefully. We still have questions about how the $1 million will be used and hope the Supplemental Environmental Project (SEP) addresses restoring the health of the Ogeechee River and not creating beautification projects along the river.

We will be watching this situation closely and we are ready to step in if the health of the river is not restored.

Dianna Wedincamp
Ogeechee Riverkeeper