Editorial Salute - 09/22/11

The sacrifices made by military members for one another in combat are amazing.  But they can be just as amazing, just as compassionate among them here at home.

Such was the case recently when Marine Corps Air Station Beaufort Marine Sergeant Craig Santos put-out the word that his wife, Angela, suffering from kidney disease, was in need of a new kidney, after waiting patiently on the transplant list for almost a year.  Since no one in their family was a match, her condition worsening, it was nearing desperation time.  Within 48-hours of publishing the need in Beaufort, six great Americans stepped forward.  One was Marine Corporal Stephanie St. Laurent who said: "I felt that if a Marine needed help, that's what we're trained to do is to have each other's back, so I was definitely willing to give it a shot."  As good fortune would have it, Corporal St. Laurent was a match for Mrs. Santos.  Said the Corporal: "To me, it was definitely God's will, God's way, because if it wasn't meant to be, I wouldn't have been a match."  The surgery took place 4-weeks ago and, happy to report, both of these fine ladies are doing very well.

Our congratulations to Sergeant and Mrs. Santos for the restoration of good health.  And our heartfelt thanks to Marine Corporal Stephanie St. Laurent for her courage, compassion, and total dedication, both to the Corps, and to a fellow Marine.