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Still No Decision on CAT Transfer Station

Chatham County commissioners have still not made a decision on a new CAT transfer station. Last month, a Chatham Area Transit committee voted to tear down the parking garage next to the courthouse, but that was before the county commission heard from the judges.

"It just seems to me that CAT's solution becomes the courthouse's problem," said Superior Court judge Michael Karpf. He  told the board tearing down the garage would upset the courthouse's expansion plans, trial dates and security.

"It puts us in competition with CAT for parking spaces for jurors and citizens who come to the courthouse," he added. "It's an inevitable conflict, in my opinion."

But commissioners stressed it's still not a done deal. "It's just a proposal," said commissioner Frank Murray. "It has not been adopted by this body yet."

CAT says they'll try to work out a compromise. "We've got some flexibility," CAT's Scott Lansing said. "We want to be at a location that's convenient to people who ride the bus and that location meets our criteria."

Some commissioners think it's time to search for another site, but that decision will have to wait for at least another two weeks when the board meets again on December 19.

Reported by: Liz Flynn,

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