Damaging winds, storms hit Bulloch County

Storm damage at Youmans Farm in Metter.
Storm damage at Youmans Farm in Metter.

STATESBORO, GA (WTOC) - The National Weather Service will be in Bulloch County on Monday to take reports and look at damage after severe weather ripped through Statesboro.

Residents in Middleground and Bulloch County said they believe a possible tornado made have sheared the tops off of some large pine trees.

Congregation members at Lakeview Independent Baptist Church returned Sunday night services to find Mother Nature had damaged their sanctuary.

A tree limb speared through the roof of the sanctuary - shattering a chandelier and causing plaster and other materials to rain down on church pews.

Pastor Bobby Vangiller is thankful no one was hurt.

"On the back pew, whoever would have been sitting there would have been likely to be hurt. So we're thankful no one was in here," he said. "The Lord's good always. and we just praise him in a difficult time - trials, tribulations - he never makes any mistakes."

Despite the damage, the congregation still held Sunday services as usual, but they were in the fellowship hall by candlelight.

The church said they are insured and will begin making repairs right away.

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