InSITE--The Scoop from the North Pole!

Does Christmas on line at your house just mean shopping? There's a whole lot more out there if you look around. I found a news flash from the north pole. Santa's Workshop, direct to you, a cool site for the young, and young at heart, who just like the magic of Christmas.

You have to believe if you want to get in to the North Pole Times. But once you do, it's very clever. Think of it as a daily newspaper from Santa's workshop.

With a top story that changes often, they aren't afraid to tackle the tough issues, like Santa's elves threatening to strike unless Missus Claus drops her low- fat vegetarian offerings and puts elf-friendly sweets back on the snack menu.

Check the sports pages, where they're watching the Reindeer Games in the weeks before Christmas.

You can send mail to Santa, or even get mail from Santa if you sign up. It has Santa stories, a pretty long list so you can pick some and read with the family on the nights before Christmas.

Visit Santa's workshop where the kids can get ideas for holiday projects. While they're working, you can also head for the kitchen and cook up something special from appetizers to desert, like the elf bites, which contain very little elf, by the way.

There's a wish list, with some reminders about staying safe on the Internet. And the most important lists of all, the naughty & nice lists. Forget privacy.