Crews Finishing Work on Mega Site

For months now, folks have been asking, what's Chatham County going to do with the land previously slated for DaimlerChrysler? Right now, crews are finishing up work on the site readying it for potential buyers. The Savannah Economic Development Authority says businesses have asked about the land. Some are developers who want to subdivide the land.

SEDA says that's not what's planned for this site. "The people in the site consulting business will tell you, we have the best site available, and we are close to the rails, the airport, everything," said SEDA's Rick Winger. "Eventually we will find the perfect user who will bring thousands of jobs to Chatham County."

SEDA says DaimlerChrysler is still not out of the question, but that they are keeping their options open.

Reported by: Kim Angelastro,