Chemical Leak Closes Streets

A chemical leak at a company in west Savannah had firefighters, police and other emergency officials scrambling overnight. Shortly after 2am this morning, residents in the area of East Lathrop and Bay Street reported some kind of chemical stinging their eyes. Haz-mat authorities and other Savannah firefighters determined there was a leak at Natro-Chem, a company on East Lathrop near Precinct One.

Fire authorities say the leak was from a 55-gallon drum with a chemical that vaporizes when it reaches 120 degrees. It caused the alcohol-based chemical to form a cloud over the area.

Savannah-Chatham police blocked off Bay Street to all traffic, and firefighters called the men who operate the company. An EMS unit was also called out to treat men on a freight train that had come through.

East Lathrop was closed, but all streets have now reopened and everything appears to be under control.

Reported by: Steven Shoob,