School Board Reviews Test Scores

Do you watch you children's test scores in school? Across the system, Chatham-Savannah scores weren't good.

That was last year. Now, they're better than the national average. The results are encouraging for board members. Board facts and figures man Sam Light reminded the school board the national average is 50 as he went over Iowa Test of Basic Skills results for Chatham County's third through eighth graders. "Garrison, Gould, and Low displayed over 30 percentile point gains across the grade levels," he said. "Realize these schools are Title One and needs-improvement schools."

Across the board, Chatham County schools performed at, and in most cases, above the national average. School board superintendent John O'Sullivan says these students have come a long way. "For us to have literally in two exams moved from well below national average to above is significant," he said. "Above national average in some cases, that's a tremendous feat.

"All 30 elementary school, we look across them total, we saw a 19 percent point increase," O'Sullivan continued. "That's incredibly high. All of our middle schools showed across the board performance increases. I'm talking English, language arts, mathematics."

Col. O'Sullivan says they need to give credit where credit is due. "We've got to give credit to the principals and teachers."

But they're not ready to celebrate just yet. O'Sullivan says this is just one step down the road to excellence. School board members are looking into what helped the students' scores in hopes of keeping the momentum going next year.

Reported by: Holly Bristow,