Amanda Knox will return home Tuesday

Amanda Knox has said she just wants to go home and restart her life.

An Italian appeals court cleared the American of the 2007 murder and sexual assault of her British roommate.

A friend, who accompanied Knox as she left prison, says Knox said she wants to "win back her happiness."

An Italian legislator who is close to the American says Knox and her family will leave Italy tomorrow aboard a commercial flight from Rome.

The appeals court also cleared Knox's Italian former boyfriend, Raffaele Sollecito.

"She is fortunate to have a family that was willing to pursue the scientific evidence and particularly the DNA evidence that I think proved her innocence," Savannah defense attorney Mike Schiavone said.

Schiavone says more than anything, the Knox case showed the world the flaws in the Italian justice system.

"Anytime you have your freedom taken away from you based on should give people a healy respect for what we have in this country," Schiavone said.

When the verdict was read, Knox collapsed in tears. Her parents hugged their lawyers and cried with joy. They have regularly traveled from their home in Seattle to visit their 24-year-old daughter during the four years she's been in jail.

Outside the courthouse, some of the hundreds of observers shouted, "Shame, shame."

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