South Carolina moves Republican primary

A big announcement from the chairman of the South Carolina Republican party today means the palmetto state will continue a 30 year tradition of being the first Republican primary in the South.

"South carolina has had the Republican primary as first in the South for 30 years and they want to continue that," said Ken Georga, from the Beaufort County Republican Party.

State Party Chairman Chad Connelly held nothing back in expressing his feelings for Florida's attempt to jump ahead of his state.

"It's pretty impressive that 49 states played pretty in the sandbox and only one decided to do it wrong. What Florida's 9 person committee did on Friday and worked to explode the calendar. South Carolina is about to restore."

Ken George says the primary means more to South Carolina than just kicking off the campaign season.

He said it's an economic issue, and candidates and their entourages bring tons of business into South Carolina.

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