Brandi's Morning Update

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - Happy Tuesday!!

Here's a quick list of the headlines you can expect to see this morning on THE News at Daybreak:

-South Carolina announces it Presidential Primary date, now one Republican Presidential hopeful is heading to the Coastal Empire trying to get your vote. We'll tell you who's coming,  when and where he'll be.

-The community is coming together to support the families affected by recent deaths at Effingham County High School. In the last few years seven students have died.

-You may not believe this story. There is a new fat tax! Some people are actually paying more money for unhealthy foods. Find out where it's happening.

-One of the world's largest cities is considering temporary marriage licenses!

-Another chilly start to the day. Meteorologist Dave Turley will let you know what the temperatures will be.

-Mark Robertson will let you know if there are any trouble spots to look out for during your morning commute.

-I finally got one trivia question correct on Monday. Find out if I can do it again today.

See at 5am!

Brandi Cummings