InSITE-NO Chilly Dogs!

Our weather's been pretty mild, but you know those cold nights are coming. You can crank up the heat and throw another blanket on the bed. But what about your best friends? Your pets? This should be common sense, but we can always use a reminder about what really is life or death for our dogs and cats.

The Humane Society's always looking out for animals, and the winter is no exception. While our winter weather seems pretty mild to folks who live where the snow piles up past the parking meters, it's still rough on anyone outside. Especially our pets. If you're cold outside, they'll be cold outside, and this page has the facts on how rough it is on them. It also points out some dangers you might not think about, from critters crawling up to sleep on our warm car engines to slurping up antifreeze spills on the driveway. Either can be deadly. Check out the video they have. While it shows lots of extreme weather, all the snow up north, it also makes good points about food and frozen water for pets who spend any time at all outside in the cold.

Beyond that... They have some great resources for everything about people and pets, from pet allergies to how pets really do make us feel better.