Man denied new trial in Kicklighter murder case

Randy Kicklighter
Randy Kicklighter

CHATHAM CO., GA (WTOC) - A Richmond County, Georgia Superior Court Judge has denied a new trial of the man convicted of a murder for hire in Chatham County.

Randy Kicklighter was shot to death by a single shotgun blast on June 2, 1987.  His father-in-law Christopher Lucas was convicted of hiring another man to shoot him.

He is serving a life sentence for that murder. On Oct. 4, 2010, the Supreme Court of Georgia  court granted Lucas a hearing for a new trial, ruling previous denials should been based on a hearing.    It's something he has requested four times, each denied without a hearing.  This time, the original trial court heard the request, and again it was denied.

The Kicklighter family has waited a year to hear the news.

"It just keeps families in turmoil; I know it keeps us in a turmoil, but thanks to our friends and family and prayers, it keeps us going and keeps us where we think we should be," said Bessie Kicklighter. "We've got peace for a little while and that's all anybody I guess can ask for."

Bessie Kicklighter said her relief may be short-lived since there's always a chance that Lucas can appeal again.

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