Top Teacher: Ashley Judy

HINESVILLE, GA (WTOC) - WTOC went to Hinesville where one kindergarten teacher is sharing her love of learning.

Welcome to Ashley Judy's Kindergarten class at Taylors Creek Elementary School. One of today's many lessons involves sentence structure.

"These children really have to understand at such a young age how important it is to grasp the letters of the alphabet, not only recognition but sounds and starting to write sentences," said Judy.

This Claxton native and graduate of Pinewood Christian Academy knew she wanted to be a teacher when she was in elementary school.

"My second grade teacher specifically really influenced me she had only encouraged us in her class to you know want to read and want to write and want to become successful children," said Judy.

Now she hopes she is doing the same with her children.

"People in general say how do you work with five and six year olds all day? I say yes it's a challenge but these kids need some who's going to interact with them and get down on their level," said Judy.

Principal Debbie Rodriguez says Judy puts in the long hours to make sure learning is fun and easy for her children.

"She's warm and caring and loves what she does. Parents know that she gives 100 percent everyday," said Rodriguez.

"It's for these kids. That's why I'm here everyday doing what I'm doing. I absolutely love what I do,"said Judy.

This is just one of the many reasons Ashley Judy is a WTOC Top Teacher.

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