Residents support Olivera with messages on their vehicles

BLUFFTON, SC (WTOC) - Jean Murray and her family moved into the Edgefield community in Bluffton in September. She quickly learned of a notorious incident, caught on a neighbor's surveillance tape on Christmas eve.

Looking closely at the video, a man can be seen walking away from another man. Then, the man gets shot.

Police say tow truck driver Preston Oates shot Carlos Olivera, 34, six times. Oates claims it was self defense.

"I followed the story," said Murray.

In September the Oliveras began a crusade for justice for their loved one, writing messages on their vehicles and spreading the message to others, including Murray.

"They told me the story of how the tow truck driver shot their uncle outside of their house and he was already out of prison," said Murray.

Murray's vehicle has a simple message, justice for Carlos Olivera. Preston Oates was released from jail on a property bond, forcing the Oliveras, Murray, and others to question the system in Beaufort County. Oates was no stranger to the law, with at least three previous violent incidents and an attempted escape from jail in March.

"This is a guy with a violent past. What happened to the law, to the law in this county, Beaufort County?" said Nelson Olivera.

The Olivera's message seems to be spreading as Murray and others say they have seen dozens of cars with similar sentiments.

"On Christmas eve, how can somebody blatantly shoot somebody for no reason at all. I do not find that fair and for him to be out of jail is not right," said Nelson Olivera.

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