Brandi's Morning Update

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - It will be a great Thursday!

Here's a quick list of the headlines you can expect to see this morning on THE News at Daybreak:

-We are following a developing story this morning. A stolen car, a police chase and a pit maneuver. All three leads to one man's arrest. Join us for the details.

-Words from the execution chair. For the first time, you can hear what Troy Davis had to say just before he was put to death.

-Six people want your vote to be Savannah's next mayor. Tonight you'll get the chance to hear why. Tune in to find out where they will be.

-Another chilly start to the day. Meteorologist Dave Turley will let you know how high the temperatures will get today.

-Traffic has been pretty good during the morning commute this week. Mark Robertson will let you know what to look out for today.

See at 5am!

Brandi Cummings