Savannah Man Appears on The Price is Right

The price was right for one Savannah man. Fred Beasley and his wife stood in line for hours to see The Price is Right during a trip to California; however, Fred got more than he bargained for when he made it down to Contestants' Row.

"At first I said, honey, I think they called my name," he explained. "She said, "what?" I said, "yeah, that's me" and she said, "well, get down there."

As Fred found out, it wasn't just any show. He had made it to the million dollar prime time special in honor of Bob Barker's 80th birthday. It may have been Barker's big day, but Fred had plenty to celebrate, too. He won a hot tub and a jet ski by guessing the correct price. The hour long special aired Saturday at 8:00 p.m on WTOC.