Beaufort firefighters save pets during fire

BEAUFORT, SC (WTOC) - Two family pets are alive and well after being rescued. It all happened at the Lafayette Square apartments.

While Beaufort firefighters put out a kitchen fire, they managed to rescue the family's two dogs Ladybug and Smokey. The woman renting the apartment said the fire got out of hand quickly and she wasn't able to get the dogs.

Once the dogs were out safely, Beaufort County EMS treated them at the scene and gave them some oxygen. Firefighters say they're thankful they could do their part.

We "extinguished the fire. I came around the back side to make sure we didn't have any fire in the walls, and when I looked down, there was a dog laying on the ground. And I picked him up and brought him out. My partner was with me. He said there was another dog. We continued there search ... found another puppy and brought it out," said Chip Cooler, of the Beaufort Fire Dept.

Lowcountry reporter Jaime Dailey will have more from firefighters and the family on THE News tonight.

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