Students and teachers discuss Steve Jobs' impact on education

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - The mastermind behind Apple's iPod, iPhone, and iPad, Steve Jobs, passed away at the age of 56.

The Apple co-founder lost his battle with pancreatic cancer Oct. 5.

His influence is seen and felt everywhere. People all over are reacting to his death, including the way he's changed education.

WTOC went to St. Andrews School where they use one of Job's inventions, the iPad, everyday.

French, history, and chemistry, all different subjects, but they have one thing in common. Students use their iPad's instead of text books to learn about the subjects.

Head of Upper School, Sara Rubinstein, says they had to keep up with their students.

"As teachers and educators, we teach the iPod generation. They've never not had an iPod in their hand," said Rubinstein.

Educators have embraced it for two years and now the iPad has been the center of their curriculum at St. Andrews school. It has changed the way students learn.

"I used to have a lot of books to carry around, now I just have one iPad that has every book on it," said Paul Riley, student.

Teachers like Florence Thurston took time out from their normal lesson plan on Oct. 6 to reminded their students that Steve Jobs was the man who made this technology possible.

"I started the class with a picture of Steve Jobs and with the dates. We reflected on all he's done. I'm proud to say I've been using Apple products but it is a very sad day," said Thurston.

"He did change the face of education in our school. we are dedicated to 21st century learning in Savannah and our Apple products are the public face of our education. They have helped our students on board and our teachers," said Rubinstein.

Students agree it's the iPad that has made them excited about school.

"With the Apple products, I don't think this school would have been as successful as it has been. It has made me more successful as well," said Riley.

And just like the rest of the World, they wonder what's next.

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