Breast cancer survivor's hope to inspire others

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - Barbara Cox never misses her daily walk. Her ritual began six years ago, right after she was diagnosed with breast cancer.

"I had felt something in the shower and went and saw the doctor," she explained, " He confirmed my worst fears, that it was breast cancer. I immediately went into surgery, followed by chemotherapy and radiation."

While going through her treatments, walking became therapeutic for Barbara.

"I had my pity party, I was upset and everything. Then the more I thought about it, I got mad," she said. "I said I'm going to beat this. I'm going to do whatever I can."

Those walks became longer. We followed Barbara back in 2007, as she trained for the Susan G. Komen three day, sixty mile walk in Boston. Just last weekend, she completed a three day, 30 mile walk on Hilton Head Island.

"You share your stories, you share tears, and you share happy things," Barbara explained. "I mean, it's a way to get people to know what the situation is."

Breast Cancer is a disease that can strike anyone, at any time. While Barbara's happy October highlights breast cancer, she hopes people remain vigilant about their health year round.

"You just want people to know that they need to have mammogram's and make sure that they keep up to date on everything that they're supposed to do," Barbara said. "I want to make sure that no one goes through what I had to go through. If I can stop one person from having to do that, anything is worth it."

For Barbara, that includes walking hundreds of miles and more, until a cure is found.

The American Cancer Association says more than 250,000 cases of breast cancer were diagnosed in 2010. But they also said the death rate had dropped by two percent, meaning more people are surviving the disease.

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