Beaufort Firefighters save two pets

BEAUFORT, SC (WTOC) - Firefighters respond to kitchen fires quite often, but what started out as a routine call, quickly turned into a memorable event. It was a day Ashley Hairell and her husband will never forget.

"The oil caught on fire in the pan and before I could get to it, it engulfed in flames," said Hairell. "I tried to put it out with a lid and it wasn't happening."

That's when she says she quickly ran outside of the apartment to call for help.

"I tried to go back inside to get the dogs but the smoke was too overwhelming," said Hairell.

Beaufort Firefighters came to the rescue, putting out the fire and saving both Ladybug and Smokey.

"We extinguished the fire," said Chip Cooler, Beaufort Firefighter. " I came around the backside to make sure we didn't have any fire in the walls. I looked down and there was a dog laying on the ground. I picked him up and my partner was with me and they said there was another dog. He continued to search and found another puppy."

"I found him in the corner," said Andrew Vinson, Beaufort Firefighter. "He was crouched down by the bed, as low as you could be, balled up like a little towel."

"When they brought both of them out, I was excited, so relieved they weren't in there anymore. They are pretty old dogs and I don't know how much they could take," said Hairell.

After being saved, Beaufort County EMS checked the dogs out.

"They were very scared when they first came out, nervous," said Amber Bryson, Paramedic. "They did have some soot on them and we cleaned them off."

Paramedics also gave them some oxygen since they had been inside the smoky apartment. Although the family did lose some of their belongings in fire, they are grateful their dogs are safe and sound.

"What doesn't break us, makes us stronger and none of that stuff, its replaceable. Its just worldly things," said Hairell.

"I'm happy they're out, glad they are safe and thank all of the fire department for getting here so quickly," said Johnathan Sierson, Hairell's husband.

While firefighters say they were just doing their job, they're proud they were able to keep this family together.

"Makes me feel good," said Vinson. "First day on the shift and I saved a dog's life, so that's great."

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