Tow trucks gather in remembrance of friends killed in accident

JASPER CO., SC (WTOC) - Family and friends took their tow trucks on the road on Oct. 6 to remember Phyllis Cook and Denise Smith.

The two were killed Oct. 1 when a pickup ran off I-95 in Jasper Co. as they tried to tow another car.

Their towing friends remembered their spirit with a convoy through town. They also reminded people to slow down or get in another lane when a service vehicle is trying to work.

"We lost two people that were doing their job and if he would have moved over, they'd still be with us. We've got a ton of guys here today. They've lost a family member. The towing community is a very tight knit community and these guys are here to show support," said Amanda Smith.

The 26 tow truck convoy traveled through town and ended at the Anderson Funeral Home. They will lay Denise Smith and Phyllis Cook to rest on Oct. 7.

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