Editorial feedback - 9/19/11

I loved your 9-19-11 editorial.

What a wonderful and right on piece.

2012 will be the most important election for this country. What we see out of D.C. is systematic destruction of ths country, just as you wrote in your editorial. We are about to lose our sovereignty unless we choose the right leaders. We've come a long way from the founding fathers. Further and further away from God, lower and lower on our moral scale. Anti-Christian, pro homosexuality is in.

It is amazing, but 67% of the American people believe that the phrase seperation of church and state is found in the first Amendment of the Constitution. What an ignorant people.

Fact is ... you will find it nowhere in the Constitution. It doesn't appear anywhere.


America, if you don't go back to the God of our fathers, we are doomed !

Satan is mad because he knows he has but a short time left. He cannot create, even a fly can make another fly, so he has to invade a warm body willing to follow. he sure has plenty of ammo in D.C.

Mr. Cathcart, you wrote "True recovery rests with the power of the private sector"


The only reason "he" is pro-Israel right now is because there is an election coming. PERIOD !!!

Juergen Sievers
Midway, Ga.