Greg Parker files lawsuit against state's plan

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - Savannah businessman Greg Parker filed a lawsuit to block the state's plan to end his Pump Pal advertising campaign. Parker is claiming it's his first amendment right to advertise discounted gas price for consumers if they signup for the parker Pump Pal club. He says over the past several months, after getting approval from the department of agriculture, he's spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on advertising. Now he says the state is telling him he can no longer do that.

"The cards are not going away, we are still going to have it. What's at issue is whether or not we can put that price on our signs. I've been in business for 37 years and you always lead with your lowest price. The consumer needs to be able to say hey I want that price," said Parker.

The state will not enforce the new rule on Parker until Oct. 19th, when it will go before a judge.

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