Principal celebrates 50 years in the Catholic church

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - She only planned to stay a few months, but now Sister Roberta Thoen is celebrating 50 years in the convent. Saint Peter the Apostle Catholic School honored their principal's 50th anniversary with Jubilee Mass and a celebration Oct. 7.

It's Thoen's story on how she entered that is so fascinating. She entered the convent in 1961 as a dare from her friends.

"I really didn't enter for the noblest of reasons but I when I entered, I found I fell in love with the rhythms of the life, prayer and community. I decided to make a commitment after a few months of religous life," said Thoen.

A few months turned into years.

"I've had so many wonderful years, I don't regret a moment, not a moment," said Thoen.

A Buffalo, New York native, Thoen has taught in schools all across the country, even opening her own Catholic school in Myrtle Beach.

She says working with children has always been her passion and watching them grow into productive adults has enriched her life.

"I think preaching the Gospel to everyone I meet, or come in contact with, is really the main thrust of my vocation. In response, I received so much grace from those I come in contact with," said Thoen.

Students like Elizabeth Miller showered her with gifts and thanking her for dedication to not only religion but to them.

"She is loving and cares for us a lot. She gets involved with the school. She loves us and we love her too," said Miller.

A special day to honor one special woman.

Sister Roberta moved to Savannah in 2009 to serve as principal of Saint Peter the Apostle.

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